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Load Bank Testing and Rental

Load TestingAs part of our service, Field Engineering Services offer load bank testing to clients within the Generator annual service healthcare packages. In a standby installation, generators are rarely called into action to power the clients building. In many situations, Generators are run on a weekly or monthly load testing by the clients own site engineers on the site load. Generators that run lightly loaded or run for long periods with no applied load run a high risk of developing faults, both electrical & mechanical within the Generator sets. This can reduce the effectiveness and life of the Generator.

Failure of the Generator at vital times can result in major down time. It is therefore essential that the Generator undergoes a simulated electrical load test to reduce the risk of potential faults.

Load testing on a regular or annual basis and comparing data between tests will help prevent Generator faults, and detect any present.


Our load testing services cover

  • Electrical Load Testing up to 1.5MW
  • Resistive and Inductive Load Banks
  • Extend Generator Life
  • Identify Faults Early thus Minimising Risk of Electrical or Mechanical Failure
  • Reduce Running Costs
  • 100% Loading of Generator Sets
  • Impact Load Testing
  • Test Certification Reports
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