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Fuel Leak Detection

For our customers who have older generator installations the bunding of fuel tanks & equipment to meet current legislation can be onerous , FES offer from survey to supply, design and installation diesel fuel leak detection systems which control and measure to contain leakage this allows our customers to control and monitor any leaks within generator installations allowing the client to take prompt action in the unlikely event of any diesel fuel leakage.

Typical Options Of Fuel Leak Detection Systems:-

  • Oil leak detection units have been designed to monitor critical areas for oil leaks and spillages via spot optical sensors.
  • Main control panels are c/w Audible warning Control panels, mute push button, flashing alarm lamps Health green lamp.
  • Control panels monitor various zones thus allowing the customer to determine leakage area from Tank bund internal or external, Generator drip trays, cable ducts, non Bunded pipes etc.
  • Alarm panels can be configured to allow volt free contacts for individual for onward signalling to Building Management Systems, telephone dialler, control systems and shut Off valves etc...
  • packages we design and install are all configured to suit requirements of individual customers
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